to much light?


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is there a problem with giving to much light to chameleons because i was thinking of getting 2 uvb hoods and have them both going at the same time. i dont think this would be a problem, and i know its kind of a dumb question but i was just curious. i think it should be ok but what do yall think, thanks!
There is lots of information on this site...
"We all know that reptiles need a "heat gradient" and part of their normal behaviour involves moving in and out of the warmth so that they maintain a healthy body temperature. Since some reptiles are also aware of ultraviolet light "gradients" and will actually move in and out of them according to their bodily vitamin D3 status and requirements, it would thus seem very appropriate to provide our animals with UV light in the same way we provide heat, ensuring they can choose how much, or how little UV they absorb by establishing a UVB gradient in our vivaria. "
"Some reptiles may be able to sense whether or not they need vitamin D, and alter the time they spend basking under UVB light accordingly. In one study, panther chameleons (Furcifer pardalis) fed a diet low in vitamin D3 spent more time basking under ultraviolet light than those on a high D3 diet. In addition, they were more attracted to lamps emitting UVB than to equally bright lamps which emitted UVA. Whether they can actually see the UVB is not known, but they do appear to be able to detect it by some means".
I know ive read someplace, "watch for UV overexposure" however I cant seem to find it anyplace now for a reference. I do recall trying to search online after reading it what EXACTLY I should watch for but was never able to find any explanation....

hey thanks for that info, ill just stick with 1 uvb hood. that should be all he needs. thanks for your response!
I use a double flourescent ballist. One for the UVb and the other for a specialized plant light. It has helped my plants to perk up and I see more vivid colors in my chameleons. Whether it is the light that allows me to see the colors better or their exposure to different light that makes them produce them I do not know.. The cages themselves look way better too.
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