To dig up the eggs or not to dig up the eggs - that is the ?

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I'm debating whether to dig up the space where chameleons are currently hatching.

The short:
2 sets of eggs were laid and the female died shortly after (This January) laying the second clutch about a year later. Both eggs were dug up immediately after - first clutch nothing, second clutch has 2 eggs left and we are about 6 months in. She must have laid a 3rd clutch in between and to my surprise last week SIX BABY CHAMELEONS crawling out of the egg bin I thought she hated.

Heres the questions?,
1. do I GENTLY dig into the hole to look for more- perhaps help them or just leave it alone! ?
2. how long can it be between eggs hatching? so far it's been a week and 2 more have been found in the cage with the bin since- the most recent one (yesterday) died a day later.

The grey area:. The bin was inside with the male chameleon (I combined the cages when she passed). He was hanging around the bottom more than usual over the last week or two which was odd. I'm sure he's been snacking on the babies. One escaped the enclosure which is how I even discovered the babies and have since moved the bin where 2 others hatched out of.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
This would be my first hatched set of chameleons and the rest are doing great. # 2 is the most important question.

I'll post some pics soon.


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I'd leave it alone. You might cause problems with the remaining eggs hatching or hurt the babies.

Time between first and last egg to hatch can be up to a month or more...but when they are laid in a "pile" in a hole it should be much quicker. When the eggs are in the "pile" it's like in nature. They all hatch at the same time to dig out of the hole.
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