To breed or not to breed, lol

I currently have an ambilobe female and male pair. I put them in the same cage today, and the male took about fivemiutes before he started doing the "love" dance. He approached the female and she was the most relaxed a female can get. He mounted her, and then got off without breeding. It seems like he was/is deciding if he wants to breed.

I decided to just leave her in the for the next 2 day after talking with Jim Flarehty. Weather they have bred or not, i am not certain. After teusdaty, i will take her out, and put her in her home(with an egg laying contain). I will treat her as if she bred, and hope for the best!

I posted this mainly though, just to ask if any of you have experienced this before, and what ended up happening.

any help would be appreciated!

I have had male chameleons that don't seem to know what they should do when they are put with a female chameleon. Not sure why. The ones that were like that never usually got it figured out at all....and just became pretty pets.

If they have mated, she should turn quite dark and patterned and start to repel him (hiss, rock back and forth, lunge at the male, etc.).

Good luck!
Well, i can tell you that this male has bred. I know i out Ambilobe pair, but its an ambilobe female, with Don Diego. Don diego is obviously a proven breeder,lol.
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