Tips on building a screen cage


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I'm planning over the next week getting a custom cage built. would it be suitable to build a cage 4-5ft wide with a solid wood seperation down the middle, to hold 2 chameleons, but keep them seperate?
Would I need 2 basking lights, one either side?
Any other tips and building advice would be appreciated.
Dimensions sound great.
Yes you would need a basking light for each cham, but
could use one 4 foot UVB.

okay, how would you suggest to build in a drainage system, the cage will be in my bedroom, not near a sink.
Also, would the cage need a heater other than the lights? the cage will obviously get cold during the night when the lights are off, I have a heater in the current enclosure, is it needed?
Someone else will have to advise you on the drainage system.
Although I have some ideas about it, I have yet to incorporate one.
Heater is not needed.
Drop in temp at night is necessary, as long as the room doesn't
get below 60 degrees you're fine.

Don't know if you might run into trouble with the wood rotting from all the spray over time. You could use sheet PVC or FRP board, or the acrylic sheeting sold in the lighting section of Home Depot.

Here's my setup. We attached a gutter to the shelf the cage sits on. Have the back of the cages raised about 1/4 inch or so to help the water drain forward. We just squeegy the water into the gutter, down the tube, into the bucket. Hope this helps with ideas!! ;)
To prevent the wood from rotting, make sure you paint it with alot of latex paint. I put 4 coats on my wood frame. There are also plenty of threads here that discuss installing a drain system. I just hot glued some wire mesh to a funnel and drilled a hole on the bottom of the cage. The funnel is glued to the hole and a bucket catches the water.
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