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We are going to be working with Angelo, the most loved person on the forum to make a whole slew of chameleon related videos. Subjects like Caging, Dusting, Lighting, Insect Care + Breeding; ECT will all be covered as well as some fun videos showing off some of our breeders. We are looking for topics that YOU would like to see a video made of so please post your requests here. Only a few are currently up however that number will increase every week-ish.

To see what we have up currently take a peek here:



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Cup feeding, how to properly shower a chameleon, how to use a UVB reader thingy, how to incubate eggs, how to handle eggs.. I will think of more eventually.


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Should have had your video camera on when that kid told you he got $20 from the *ahem*.. guys that said he was cute.


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this is a great idea. i've been doing my fair share of info. etc on the tube and all... you guys have a great camera and a lot more animals and experience to share so im all for this! hehe

how about different supp. sched. compared to people living out in ex: hot florida, where there chameleons are out most of the year, compared to ppl living in ex: new york, where your chams are only outside 2.5-4 months out of the year...

i would love to see a video on a female panther's responsibilites in comparison to a males.

sexually matured females+gravid females+recovering from laying etc. all that good stuff hehe.. it would be awesome to get some pictures of females gravid, huge, then right after laying...

also, you should totally lead people to the forums. i have been leading ppl on here for a good time now! its important to get them on here! :)


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I saw that video... mesmerizing the way you put on the door. would never have guessed that the screws had to be screwed in. :cool:
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