Three horned species quotas...


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Remember back in 08' when the quotas for all three horned chameleons had halted (except for F1) I almost wish they would do it again. Giv e them a few years off I say. the quotas for 2011 are all about 500 per three horned species and even less for F1? Why is that? It seems back A$$wards. Should it not be 500 F1 and 70 WC? Any insight on this?

Heres the link
That is very interesting. My guess would be that they have produced far fewer f1 specimens for export than what they are able to export from the wild. Is there a page that shows the exports from madagascar? I'd be interested in seeing the numbers for that one lol. It is neat to see other things on there that I didn't know about such as the number of jaguars being imported, or the number of trees cut down from a certain species of tree, crazy...
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