This video makes me laugh

I thought it a bit too odd for me, so turned it off halfway. Now I can't get the stupid thing out of my head. Thanks Kara! NOT! ;)
There are so many opportunities for T-Shirts there...heck, just the horse is worth a shirt.

I think my favorite thing is there are multiple versions....because, you know, one is not enough.
T-shirts!!!! I wonder if anyone has made any yet?

It is strange. That's why I like it. It makes me giggle every time I see it. :D
That is just gross...It reminds me of my border collie, always sitting around with that nasty pink thing hanging out....:eek::eek:
Eww yeah! Have you ever rubbed a male dog's belly and had him stick it out right as you got close enough for him to touch you with it?! My boyfriend's dog does it alllllll the time to me! :eek:
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