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So I'm thinking of buying a starter colony of Dubias from Tiki Tiki Reptiles. From what I understand, they are easy to breed, and don't stink like death. Any advice on this? It says one colony comes with about 40 roaches to a colony. Is that going to be enough to start with, or should I order more than 1? Will my chameleons readily adjust to these, as opposed to being fed crickets? How long does it take for them to reproduce, so that I will have enough to feed 4 chams, without depleting the colony?

Any help or advice on these is great!

Great decision

Although I would get lobsters and dubias because the lobsters will be ready to feed off sooner and are they 40 adults or just 40 cause if it's just 40 cause 40 adult will get goin pretty fast but four Chams is a mouthful it might take longer than u think to have a good colony.
Dubias are great, my chameleons love them.

Here is a link the the Dubia Care sheet I put together.

Using that info my colony is growing quick (but so is my chameleon collection, lol).
how long does it take them to grow to adulthood? we use cereal boxes. they worked out really good for us since my son eats like 6 boxes a month in cereal.
how long does it take them to grow to adulthood? we use cereal boxes. they worked out really good for us since my son eats like 6 boxes a month in cereal.

If you use cereal boxes for them you really need to be careful. They will get out of those no problem. They also take up to 3-5 months to reach adulthood depending on the heat of the enclosure and the diet you provide them. Just imho use something better than a cereal box because roaches in the end can breed anywhere and will be gross if they get loose.
dont think just do. ALTHOUGH, dont get pissed at me tiki tiki. But, often members will throw dubias up for sale at very resonable prices just to thin out their colonies. great steals in that thread. *2cents*
I have lots of dubias.
It takes several months for my new colonies to really get producing, but then again I use no extra heating.
As for how many to start with- depends on how fast you want to begin feeding and how many chameleons you have.

40 dubia
5 dubia per day for 1 chameleon= will feed for 8 days!

I start my colonies with hundreds and hundreds.

But a year from now if you start with 40 you can have many thousands if you don't use them as feeders first...

I use toilet paper tubes and paper towel tubes for my dubia rather than egg crate. Pick up a tube and give it a shake into a cup and easy collection of the bugs.
I started with 200 mixed nymphs and 10 adult pairs. I'm feeding them off sparingly to give the colony a chance to be self sustaining. I may get another 200 mixed just to boost the colony.
Get one for food and one to be a colony. I did hear their molt or something else they produce can have respiratory effects on us.
I just started a dubia colony and so far they are smell..they are slow moving and quiet....i separated my small ones and feeders from the big ones...easier to catch without having to deal with those nasty adults lol...the females arent soo bad but the males YUCK...haha....a good start off colony "I" think would be like close to 1000 feeders alone....10 adult females and like 3 adult males..and this is just so u wont have to worry about going to pet shop for a very long time lol....
i have about 60 and i just found out that i have been keeping them too cold. i had to move my small heating pad from the bottom of the tank to the side. i hope that gets them busy
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