Thinking about buying this cage


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What do you guys think of this set up? I found it on which is like craigslist but only for utah and idaho. It has TONS of stuff.. here it is

Measures 5'2" high X 3'8" wide X 2' deep. The squares are half inch



Go for it! That little slide out drawer is good for drainage, I would try to find some strong type of screen or pipes to go across the bottom but above where the drawer pulls out so water falls through to the bottom. That way, if you put a tree in there it would sit on the screen or pipes and wouldn't be in the way when pulling out the drawer. And line the drawer with something water resistant of course or put in a plastic tray. Coat the wood with polyurethane (takes a month to cure) or latex paint.
Good looking cage. I would make sure you wash it down with a water/bleach solution then let it dry out. You would probably need to do a clear finish to keep it from getting water damage over time. It looks like the pull out drawer is not water tight but I cant tell from the pics. You could try and build a simple drain table for that cage to sit on so you dont have to pull out the drawer and empty the water out. I built one with a drawer like that and it is a pain. See the pics of the drainage table I am talking about. You could just remove the drawer and the bottom and put petscreen across that and set it right on top of the PVC pipe. They are strong enough to support large potted plants. Just a thought.
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That looks like a good idea reptoman. I think if i did buy it, i would either turn it into two cages, or have it for an outside chill place in the spring and fall.. The summers here are 90-104 degrees so outside is not really an option in the summer months here in utah.
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