Think my Vieled might be ill, Please help!!


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I have a male veiled. he is between 6mo and a year.
I keep him for now( a few more weeks) in an aquarium with dirt on the bottom and some fake plants and vines. I understand the importance of his enclosure being legit so i intend on building him somethig better in the next few weeks.

I have been feeding him crickets and superworms. he gets his uvb and a heat lamp. the temp is perf in his masking area. i have a dripper and i mist him twice to three times daily. he has had yellow urates in the past. however I have solved that problem with the misting and the dripper.

the reason i am writing in is because he has been acting strange recently. I monitor him day and night not disturbing him but making sure that he is comfortable. his awkward behavior started three days ago when I cleaned his cage. i also took him on a walk for the first time wich he seemed to handle well. His colors were mild and it was pretty sunny out and warm. only had him out of his cage for an hour at the most. he has been eating about three worms(big) and four crickets daily. since the cage cleaning and the walk he is barely eating at all from what i can tell and at night I will wake up to use the restroom and he will be hanging upside down sleeping with his nose buried in the dirt. Also my night heat lamp that is usually on the opposite side of the tank when he sleeps burnt out two nights ago so he has had no heat at night. it get down to about 55* night. These are the three things that have changed recently and may be contributing to his odd behavior. Also I feel like he was pooping more often as well they were more often and bigger. Please tell me what to do so he does not die!!
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