Thin Male Veiled Chameleon


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My male VC is thin and he is not particularly hungry ever. At times he looks like he has wrinkles in his skin then there are times when he doesn't. He's active. But scared of me. Not like my FVC who is fat and not scared at all. Should I be concerned and how do I fatten him up?
Thin male VC 6 months old.

Cage 4 x 2 x2 light 160 sun bulb. 6 months old had him since he was the size of my pinky. How do I send pics?
im confused about the sun bulb but u need two light sources one for uvb and another for heat. as for the pics i use facebook i just put them there then right click on the pic open properties then copy the url. then in the post click the icon at the top of the message box ( looks like a liitle pic with a mountain and sun in it ) and paste what you copied over the http and u should be good. also try to fill out the how to ask for help form i posted u a link too. i just created a word document with all the info and saved it that way i can copy and paste it whaenever i need it.
The bulb is a power sun by zoo med it has the heat and UVB all in one. I'm trying to do this from my iPhone can I email you photos?
ya [email protected]
i looked into your bulb, from what it says i looks ideal but i as well as most members use two bulb a standard style for basking heat and a linear floresant for uvb, most members seem to perfer the reptisun 5.0 also by zoomed
Wrinkled skin is usually dehydration, which is why it comes and goes for you.

When you see it, it's past time to offer water.
So your saying that hes like a plant when it doesn't get enough water the leaves wither but once you water it the leaves perk back up?
LOL yes sort of.

Dehydration will also effect appetite and cause him to not eat as much. A thirsty chameleon usually has a poor appetite.
The bulb is a power sun by zoo med it has the heat and UVB all in one. I'm trying to do this from my iPhone can I email you photos?

Hate to mention it because I have in the forums many times recently, but might be worth checking about the bulb really being UVB/heat lamp combo. If you throw away the box you may not be able to check. I made a mistake thinking mine was a combo bulb with lethal consequences. Mine was a female and was trying to lay eggs too but she stopped eating for about two weeks (really scary). When she passed the vet checked her and didn't think she was egg bound, but thought she died of complications due to my lighting mistake (and therefore could not get proper vitamin conversion, etc..) It might be worth getting the dedicated UVB tube light just to be safe. Don't want you to have the heart break I had. I have the proper light now for my male; got the fixture on sale, but the tubes are a bit expensive ($22 ea.). I've heard hear to change them ever 6 mos?... I have an infared heat lamp too, does anyone know if that is okay? It said on the box that is was safe to use at night while cham is resting, because it gives out low light. What do you all think?:confused:
you really don't want any light at all in your chams cage. Even low lights. Dark and cool. You don't need heat unless your temps are gonna dip into the 50's. Also it varies how everyone changes out their bulbs. You can go past 6 months. I changed mine out at 9.
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