They grow up so fast.


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Osama at 3.5 months.

chameleons002.jpg chameleons019.jpg

Now at close to 8 months.

im000522.jpg im000523.jpg im000524a.jpg

Cannot wait to see him full grown. Actually kept thinking he was older had to back track to find out.
yea they do grow up so fast.

id post pics of stuey but mi dont have his pics here. and they rnt tthat great.
Any body else have any pictures. I like seeing them as they go from young to old.

It is amazing what a couple months can do to their colors and size. He could barley get his foot on that vine now it can wrap around it.
indeed they do grow up fast... my male panther has grown like crazy since i got him from !!


krull at about 7 months

and krull at about 8/8.5


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