They are here!!!! Pics! Let me know what'cha think!


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So they arrived safe and sound. They look great, and I couldn't be happier. Here's some pics!

First the coveted box :D


The female:





And the male: (I think he looks like he has a skeleton mouth LOL)



Thanks guys! I was seriously stunned by the female when I saw her. Her pic from Screameleons doesn't do her justice. She is stunning. I'm thinking about naming them Jack and Sally, The Nightmare Before Christmas just in case anyone is confused by that....because of his skeleton mouth...Jack Skellington. :D
LOLZ!!! My husband said EXACTLY that (Skeletor) when he saw him. At first before he got here he was trying to get me to name him Herman...:rolleyes:

Who knows why...
Yeah I know, that's what I told my hubby. I'm sure I will come up with some's such a process... any suggestions welcome :confused:
For once I say the female looks better than the male!!! His mouth is so cute though. Keep us updated on their ever changing colors! Congrats!!!
That looks awesome! I love the names by the way.

TY :)

I may very well stick with Jack and Sally. One of my favorite movies of all times... including every other Tim Burton film LOL, and those were little pet names between my hubby and I (when he was just my BF) SO.... there is some sentimental meaning there....Awwww....sappy :)
The female is 7 1/2 months old today, and she seems very friendly, and sweet...unlike my other female, who I have nicknamed Miss Moody LOL. I will definitely take my time in the decision, and get to know them a bit. :)
Aww, they're adorable!
FWIW, I'd go with Jack and Sally, since the names already hold special meaning for you.
While her colors are lovely, that stitched mouth look on him is pretty cute.
Glad you posted pics.
They are adorable and I like Jack and Sally....I was going to suggest that, then I read further down....So sweet. I almost purchased fromScreameleons, but I went with a veiled instead of a panther!
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