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a little over a month ago i had a super bad mishap. i was to embarrassed to post at the time. in a rush for work i accidently left lotus (a rescue i took on) cage open. that night when i got home i opened the front door to blood all over the place. at this point i had no idea where the blood came from. i looked over to his cage to see it was open and then my dogs greeted me!! i didnt put them up tooooooooooooo!!! i rushed to his cage and saw he was gone. ok so now my heart drops and now im frantic. i looked for about an hour and just about gave up looking thinking one of the dogs got him. i looked behind my daughters toy chest and there he is. he is usually a hissing, biting fool. i reached behind the chest without him doing a thing. so i knew something wasnt right. i got him out and notice straight off the bat this gaping hole he has that goes straight through his body. when i mean a hole like he had been shot with like a 22 cal you could literally put a number 2 pencil through him. then i noticed his leg broke at what i would call a femur in a human. my head was about to blow off my body. anger was not even close to where i was. blurry vision was where i was at.

immediately i was off to walgreens for some provodone iodine and some polysporin. i first rinsed the wound with saline solution and then diluted the iodine and dabbed the wound. i then topped it off with a little bit of poly sporin. i repeated this everyday for a week straight. along with all this i started reptaid and liquid calcium.

so at this point i was thinking we have spent so much time rehabbing now i kill him. just when the guy couldnt have any worst of a life this happens.

as of today his wounds shed its scabs and he is eatting on his own (after over a month of not eatting). he is also using his gimp leg like a pro. to top all of this off. with his mbd condition he was not able to shoot his tongue. i watched him today fully extend it and smash about 6 large silks in a row. im so freakin excited i could piss myself. i honestly can not believe how resilient these guys are. he has fought just about everything now and still truckin. im thinkin of changing his name to "TANK".

This is a special thanks to the people on these forums. i could not have ever done it without the experts we have here on these forums.
Thanks for letting us know the members here were able to help you & your chameleon. It is posts like yours that make all of us want to help each time we can.

Keep us posted on the progress and post a picture.:)
so happy to know lotus (a.k.a Tank) is doing a lot better. stupid dogs :( the forum is an awesome place to learn and grow and chameleon keeping, but just keep in mind that we don't know everything, and you should be ready to receive veterinary assistance whatever the case may be. the forums can definitely help a long ways, but may not always be a remedy just some words. but awesome update! thank you for sharing!
awesome to hear he's made such big strides and i'm sure it's a sigh of relief for you!!! amazing what all such an animal can go through and have such a strong will to survive!!! wish some people had that!
i didnt get direct help from any members. basically i have done ALOT of reading here. the advice came from a combination of many post on here. so many of you that devote your time to help others get the credit. ill get some pics and post them in a bit!
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