The woman addicted to eating sofas - watch the video


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When Adele Edwards is hungry, she doesn’t bother with the kitchen. She just heads straight for the furniture. Her bizarre diet is killing her but she says she just can’t stop....


I thought my dog was a problem! :eek:
I seen this on TV before! It was gross, some other lady ate chalk and fabric softener. D: I never ate anything like that! (that I know of!)
I've seen a show about this. People eat stupid things. The nastiest one to me was the powered cleaner. This a weird cham keepers:rolleyes:
its on TLC i think...

"my strange addiction" i think its time they had a guy with a ballon i seen and heard weirder stuff:rolleyes::p
OMG! I just was watching strange addictions last night on TV and this chick has been eating toilet paper for 23 years. So bizarre!!!
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