The Problem Child


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He looks so sweet and innocent, doesn't he?

His latest deal is "I will eat, but only if I am out of doors." Coming on the heels of about a month of "I will willingly ingest any liquid you choose to give me, but will not take solid foods," (and, yes, he's seen the vet and has a clean bill of health), this is a decided improvement. He even accepted a cricket today - only about his third since October or November, when he decided he was a Worm Man.

McGinty - we love ya, but you're weird.
Awww! He just wants you to know that it is HIM who wears the trousers!:D What a little monkey, that must be so frustrating for you!
He does look so sweet. Such a handsome blue boy! I'm glad that he's starting to show interest in food again.
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