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We are very excited about our new web site which I will be launching THIS Friday!

We are going to bring new areas online after the launch such as a customer gallery, breeder gallery and a DIY, but during our launch we will have several new items for you to look at and purchase!

To celebrate the new website going live we will be having special deals, as well as a FREE give away to customers who can find information that will be posted somewhere within the site.

THANK YOU to everyone here who has helped Tiki Tiki Reptiles enter into our 4th year of business!

Here is a sneak peek of what will come on Friday.

Pardon the dust on the current website because as I bring new areas closer to being live I make others obsolete.​
Great news chad. You could be doing so much more and I am happy that you are going to do it. I am here for you buddy.:D:D:D
Haha the female panther is funny. I can only guess what she is thinking. lol. Glad to see you guys are doing well!!

We are very excited to announce that the NEW is LIVE!!!

We have been working hard on it for quite a while now and are happy with how everything has turned out. Please click around and check out the new site as every single page has new pictures and text.

We are also excited to add several new products to our line up; a few of these include:

-Super Chow, the super worm version of Cricket Crack.

-Cricket Crack – Montane Mix! The same super secret formula as Cricket Crack but more appropriate for Montane chameleons. Some new things have been added while the milk and rice have been taken out with other ingredients decreased. Its definitely worth a try.

-Aqua Zamp Premium misting systems. We now offer 3 different kits each with your choice of White or Black hardware as well as the option between a Rain Dome or standard misting nozzle. Aqua Zamp products are made and shipped in the USA with extremely affordable flat rate shipping.

-We are also now offering cage kits! You can own a chameleon AND cage kit for $175 + Shipping.

We are going to bring some new areas of the website online throughout the year so check back often!

Again, thank you to everybody who has supported Tiki Tiki Reptiles! We appreciate you!!!

~Chad & Darci New~​
To celebrate the launch we are going to giveaway 1 FREE Lg Cricket Crack / Water Crystal Combo.
All you have to do is be the first one to correctly answ the questions below and post them here.

*How many safe plants start with the letter “J” and what are they?

*When did Chad propose to Darci?

*What type were Chad’s first pair of chameleons and what were their names?

*What is the next show we will be doing and when is it?

*How many different ingredients are in Cricket Crack?

*How long have we been working with our helmet head geckos?

*What is our phone number?

We are going to have more give aways so stay tuned and if you are not already a friend Tiki Tiki Reptiles on Facebook, that is going to have giveaways too!​
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Super chow

Is this food or just substance for the worms, or both?


Edit: just found out that its both

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