The New Arrival!!! (pics)


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Finally got a panther!!! Hes a small one but is eating wonderfully.

He is just over a month old... When we got him he didnt seem to be eating too well. He seemed to be rather stressed in his new cage as well...

Since he wasnt eating, and not going anywher NEAR the cup when we tried it, I placed him in a separate small container with a hibiscus flower and branch, and filled it with crickets and fruit flies. He IMMEDIATELY jumped for the flies... So far he has eaten about 10 little D. Hyedi. He also seems to be WAYY less stressed out in the "Critter Carrier".


No name yet for the little bugger.. We were shooting towards "Skittles"... Since hes an Ambilobe!

And for those who are wondering... he is from I really enjoy these people... took the time to have a nice 20 minute conversation with me about chameleons...
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