The DOCTOR'S in the HOUSE!


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Wooohoo-he's here-my Dr. Gonzo baby from Ryan!!!! Dr. Gonzo was the first panther cham I'd ever seen, so I am thrilled to have one of his (many) babies.
I haven't come up with the perfect name yet for mine and I want to let him settle in before I try to take photos of him. Right now we're trading "stink eyes". :D
With a Dr. Gonzo baby, I'm calling my panther collection "COMPLETE". (Yeah, riiiiiight....)

1.1 ambanja, 1.0 nosy be, 1.0 ambilobe, 1.0 sambava. 1.0 very tolerant spouse


Avid Member try completeing the other panther locals:D

nosy faly

nosy mitsio



ankaramy (pink panther)



and of course crosses:D

im sure i missed quite of few other locals;)
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