The DOCTOR'S in the HOUSE!


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Wooohoo-he's here-my Dr. Gonzo baby from Ryan!!!! Dr. Gonzo was the first panther cham I'd ever seen, so I am thrilled to have one of his (many) babies.
I haven't come up with the perfect name yet for mine and I want to let him settle in before I try to take photos of him. Right now we're trading "stink eyes". :D
With a Dr. Gonzo baby, I'm calling my panther collection "COMPLETE". (Yeah, riiiiiight....)

1.1 ambanja, 1.0 nosy be, 1.0 ambilobe, 1.0 sambava. 1.0 very tolerant spouse try completeing the other panther locals:D

nosy faly

nosy mitsio



ankaramy (pink panther)



and of course crosses:D

im sure i missed quite of few other locals;)
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