The Cham Plant

I dunno if all of you have heard of Jeweled Chameleon's Champ Plant. BUT, I purchase on at the SD show a little over a month ago. Ron had told me to repot the plant into a wide shallow pot. I purchased a pot from Home Depot, added soil and the plant. I installed an auto watering system on my patio and the plant was getting a three minute watering every 48 hours at 1 gallon a minute. I then placed a bamboo stick into the potting soil next to the plant. The plant sat outside with partial sun for about a month. The plant maybe grew 2 inches tops. I was dissapointed! So I figured 'eh, just let it do it's own thing......:rolleyes:' I checked on the plant Saturday for the first time in a long time. THE THING WAS HUGE. It had found it sway to the bamboo stick and climbed spiraling about 2.5 feet. I checked on it today and it is now maybe 2-3 inches longer than it was three days ago. I plan to use this plant in a chamleon cage so I am trying to make it grow with multiple vines. Ron had told me to pinch the leaves in order to form the desired shape or direction of vines. Ron I hope im doing this right!




What I have learned is that you need to allow the plant to establish itself. Once it has the watering figured out the plant will grow very fast!
I took a picture of the plant yesterday. The first pictures above were taken 4 days before the photo below


If my ruler is correct the plant grew about 8-9 inches in 4 days!


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id like to know more about this plant. it looks similar to a type of plant i have outside in the garden, and i try uprooting some and putting them in the cage but they never seem to last long =/
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