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ok. i know you all get sick of these threads because i was looking at how many were like this. but i guess none of them asked what i wanted to ask. all the pictures of veiled male spurs look like they were taken on an older male so of course it is obvious. but i tried really hard at our local pet store to get a male. the store had three babies about 3-4 weeks old they said. they said they were a little worried because they usually dont get them that young but they were eating well. well we were all there trying to tell if we could see a spur and we all agreed one's back foot looked like it had a little bump(tiny). well i REALLY wanted a boy so i decided to drive 20 minutes to their other location to look at 3 more babies(same age). i thought it would be a little more noticable. but at the other store it was the same thing. 2 looked like the back of their feet were flat and 1 had the tiniest piece of skin(bump). i just thought what are the chances i look at 6 babies from the same batch, same age(because same connected stores with same reptile order split) and them all be girls so we took a healthy one with the back foot looking a tiny bit different. so how noticable would it be at this age? sorry about my long story. had a starbucks coffee earlier lol:D
Sometimes its really hard to tell when they are that young. You are right it may only look like a little bump of skin. it will become easier to tell as he gets bigger..
thanks dez. everyone makes it seem so easy to tell when every thing says you can tell their sex the minute they hatch. so i just though it would be so easy. we had all the employees looking. anyone else have this problem?
You can sex them easily at a young age once you've had a bit of practice...not only by the spur but also the base of the tail. Its easier to see the spur if the foot is at the right angle.
I don't think you want to buy a baby that young. It really should not be in a "store" environment (unless it's a great store...they do exist).

If it were me, I'd wait until the babies were 12 weeks old. But, that's me. You might do fine with a young baby.
post some pics and i am sure many of us can tell.
and try to get a pic without flash. my cham hates my cam cuz i forgot to turn the flash off a few times and now everytime he see it he wants to kill it.

maybe your cham wont mind the flash buy mine really hates it
kinyonga tell me more about the base of the tail. ive never heard about that. and as for the picture i have no idea how to do the picture thing. not good with all that. i have to get my husband to do all that. so i'll see if he'll show me
I had the same problem. I bought a male veiled that age and thought it was a girl for the first week. then when I posted pics someone pointed it out. Mine is now 6 weeks old, and unless you look closely you still cant see the spurs. You have to like take a pic of the back of the feet then zoom in on it to see it clearly, lol.
oh and it is a great pet store. this is the only pet store our town has had for about 30 years. they have two locations and everyone is trying to really support them now that we got a petsmart. even they were unhappy with the veileds coming so small. they contacted the place and told me if i had any problems to let them know or if he wasnt acting right to bring him back and they'd order some older some older ones. but he/she is doing very good.
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