The almighty LEVIATHAN


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So I finally recieved my new baby (not really a baby) 6 month old Ambilobe male Leviathan. He came from Chamalot Chameleons and is a Bonzai offspring. He showed me his amazing color right from the start. He drank h2o within the first 5 minuted in his cage and later got a tasty treat of some superworms... I have let a bunch of crickets go in the cage but I have yet to see him snag any. He very well may have though. He is very friendly and doesnt mind me watching him. Sorry the pics are kinda crappy. It was love at first sight!!:p


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Have you heard anyone else with that name for a Cham?? I haven't. I call him Levi for short. The other name that was in the running was MoJo cause I LOVE Jim Morrison!! But I have seen that name on here a couple times. I wanted to be unique and it (Leviathan) means monster!!!
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