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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to spread the word that Prism Chameleons will be at a small local show here in Maryland on Saturday, April 14th. The show is in Havre de Grace, Maryland and directions may be found at:

I'd love to meet any of you that live close enough to come see us. So if you are in the neighborhood, come by and say hi :) .

Hope to see any of you that can make it next Saturday!
I have plans to go. I go every month to pickup crickets and rats. Are going to have a table? What are you going to be bringing to the show?
Great! It will be nice to meet you. I will have 3 tables and will have male Ambanja and Ambilobe panther chameleons for sale. There will be many of various colorations to choose from; a coloration for every personal taste.

I look forward to meeting you :) .
will you be having any feeders? If you don't mind, how much are panthers going for, so I can come prepared if I'm interested. Thanks
I won't be carrying or selling any feeders; just panther chameleons. I have not determined price ranges yet, but at the size they are (6+ months old) and since their colorations are already developed, I expect they will be priced around $300+.

I do accept Visa and Mastercard, in addition to cash, so you don't have to worry about carrying cash around should you decide to purchase and have a credit card.

See you then!
You guys are lucky to be going. Jenna has some top notch stuff and is a very nice person. Pssshhhh, why do i have to live in utah? :mad:
Sorry Jamie. I was in Tokyo and the computer would let me access them. If you do have some silkies then i would be happy to buy them from you. I need to buy some more chow first, but i will buy them from you.

And BTW, i have NOTHING against utah except for the fact that nothing exciting ever happens here. Except for plural marriages and mall shootings of course.
I think the last reptile show in Vegas was like 3-4 years ago. Even then I was out of town and could not come :mad:... But I guess I dont have it THAT bad being close to Ca and such.
December 10-11th, 2005 in Henderson. I was there front and center ;)

There's a big one at the end of June in San Diego, it should be worth the trip if you wanna go down there.

That is the one I was thinking of, still makes me a lil mad that I missed it, with it being less than 5min from my home and all... DOH :rolleyes:

I will be in San Fran the 14-18, I might be able to get a few more days off to hit up the show, it's only a 5-ish hour drive. Might be able to pick up a new critter. :)
Do you ever go further south? Like to
North or South Carolina? Atlanta?
I think It'd be cool to meet you. :) :)

It would be cool to meet you too! I don't plan on regularly doing shows as I tend to enjoy going to them. But, you never know what the future will bring! I used to live in Atlanta and still have a brother living in Dacula (northern suburbs of Atlanta) so perhaps we can work something out when I have a chance to come and visit.

I'm sure we will cross paths in the future :) .
Hi All,

Due to an emergency family situation, Prism Chameleons will not be able to attend the All Maryland Reptile Show in Havre De Grace, Maryland. I am very sorry to not have the chance to meet you and hopefully we will have another opportunity to do so soon.

We are sorry for any disappointments.

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