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First up is Sherlock. He got some nice Texas sun today. He was my entry back into the hobby after a long absence. I have 3 clutches of his offspring incubating now. First clutch should be hatching any day.

Next is "The Professor" he is a wc imported this year. He was a Gesang holdback. I was very fortunate to get this guy. He is still pissy around the camera but is now acclimatting well. Its only been a few weeks and hes already showing his relaxed colors much of the day. He is amazing when "fired up".


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I know right! I checked the eggs today, looks like they could start hatching any minute. Thanks Stanly, I appreciate the kind words bro....
awsome falys :), im starting to get an interest in them:rolleyes:

and congratz on the eggs too:D we need more falys haha:cool:
Lookin good Tex. I cant wait to see your hard work pay off. We are going to have some great Falys comin out of the Lone Star State. Keep us posted on the eggs.
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