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was up i have a male rainbow panther chameleon and he is very healthy.. but he has terrible aim with his tongue he will miss his target by 2 inches at times
if anyone has anything they can suggest I will be very greatful.

Hello rydude, welcome to the Chameleon Forums :)

How often is your cham missing his food(per day)? They are not always perfect, but should not be missing consistently either.

Does your cham show any signs of dehydration? What kind of supplement schedule do you use? How old is he?
reply terrible aim

thanks for the response brad, he misses his food consistantly. the only time he ever gets food if it were an accident of i hand fed it to him..he looks very healthy and no signs of dehydration. the nutrition cycle i got him on is 10 gutloaded crics a day powdered with repcal. 5(morning) 5(night) that is when i was told they are at their most active. he is comming up on 7 months old. i'm going to be taking him to the vet soon to see if maybe he has a parasite. i will also have is eyes looked at.
I would take him to the vet as soon as possible. Is he captive bred? How long has this been occurring? Many things can cause the symptoms you describe; a few that come to mind: tongue\mouth infection or abscess, vit deficiency, mbd, hypocalcemia.

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OK thanks for your help brad i have an appointment for my reptile vet. it has been occuring everytime i feed him. he is captive bred.
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