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I have an earlier thread about my cham having both its eyes shut, turns out it was a Vit A deficiancy but now one is a little crusty and looked like an eye infection.

My friend gave me some Teramycin that is unused, it looks like the picture below..

is this the right stuff and if so how much should i give her in that eye and how often?... the teramycin i have got is like a kind of tooth paste texture when squeezed from tube..



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Yes, that looks like the right stuff. I would use it twice a day and if she doesn't show improvement in a few days I would recommend a vet visit. Are you using an eye wash or saline to wash out her eyes and giving her long showers?
Thanks for the reply. I was rinsing her eyes with saline a couple of days ago but have ran out and didnt seem to help, i have been putting her in the shower the last 4 days but she seems to be pretty much fine now so i haven't as of yet today but i just noticed this 'crust' around her eye.

Any suggestions:?

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