Tent Caterpillars


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Has anyone out there fed tent caterpillars to their chameleon? There are a lot of them around here in the midwest in the spring and summer, and it seems like a great and plentiful food source. Ideas? I wanted to make sure there wasn't anything weird or toxic about them.

the hairs will be irritating to the cham's throat, tongue, etc. You also run the risk that neighbors have sprayed for them. Always good to ask.

This is a good time of year to collect moths at lights, though:)
got babies feb 25 now their 7 weeks old i just feed one of them a superworm , he seemed to eat it without any problems. are they ready for superworms?
What kind of cham?? If its a veiled, and its growing well....then I think they're probably ready. Just keep in mind that you dont want to offer any food items wider than the space between they're eyes. And as far as length goes....use your good ole common sense. For example....feeding a superworm thats half as long as the cham is......is not a good thing. lol.
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