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I was wondering at what temps a veiled chameleon could sun himself outside? The temps here are currently mid 60's, and we've had a pretty harsh winter and I would REALLY like it if he could get some sunnin' done outside, as he has been cooped up inside for months. Thank you in advance.

I hear ya, but would probably wait until temps are at least 75F, 60ish may be a bit cool, but then again, I am paranoid LOL.... Could you rig up a heat lamp for him?
Hi Greg,

Like the post above me mentioned, I would wait at LEAST until it's in the low 70's before you let your little guy outside. Veiled chameleons are truely very hardy chameleons, but they are found in yemen, and require desert-like basking tempertures in order to stay healthy and happy.

Veiled chameleons, and most chameleons for that matter, have to thermoregulate, and if their body temperture isn't equivalent, than they become letharic and slow, which is very unhealthy for a chameleon. So, I think your guy may be able to wait a little longer before he catches some rays. :cool:
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