Temps for feeder crickets


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What temp do crickets usually start dying of cold? I live in the midwest and the temps in the rooms I keep the chams in and the crickets reaches 60 degrees as a low. Since this started the crickets are dying overnight. I know they are cold blooded but come on? 60 degrees? They are feed the same thing I have always fed a puree of different greens and veg which they have always ate and my chams are fine in fact the female just successfully laided her 2nd sterile clutch (59 eggs) and is up and about eating and drinking, so I can assume that the nightly temp doesnt affect them.

Any ideas, answers, suggestions? Remember the crickets are kept in a differant room than the chams but overnight die in both.

Thanks in advance.
Crickets won't die from the cold unless it get really cold. They go into hibernation at like 45-50 degrees. Crickets also don't live very long so if you have adults they don't last long. Make sure to wash the items you feed the crickets, pesticides will kill them easily.
Very interesting as I am having the same problem with mine. I get anything from pinheads to 1/4,", and have a pretty big die off rate no matter where I get the crickets from. I don't remember having this problem last year.
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