Hi everyone!
So, my enclosure its finally complete, supplements are here, and all my insects are multiplying like crazy.... =)
And I will be ordering my very first chameleon next week.
I just still have a little concern about the enclosure location.
Theres two spots where it seems to fit good.
One of them its located downstairs, next to a window, where he can get natural sunlight all day long. Buuuut... what makes me worry is that temperatures dont drop much at night. (Just for all of you to know, I live in Mexico, near Tucson Arizona, so we kind of have the same hot temperatures... (our winter are a bit hotter tho).
Sooooo.... Temperature wont drop at night. Im guessing it would be somewhere around 86 - 95 fahrenheit?

The other location its upstairs, in my room.
Theres a window in there, but the enclosure wont be getting much sunlight from it because the window its above my bed.
Temperature can drop over the night because I turn on the air conditioner, and it gets down to 75 fahrenheit.

so...... what location do you guys think would be best for the little guy?
Thanks a lot once more =)


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in your room where it is at least in the 70's

they need night time temps they can handle in the 55-60's, 70's ok

80's and above is too high
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