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:confused: How can I heat up my tank up at night Bob the vield chameleon i think is getting cold. The temp gets down to 65 degrees:eek:
Good, 65 is fine. I wouldn't let it get below 60 for a baby, but adults are fine with nighttime drops down below that - as long as they can warm up in the morning, they're fine. In fact, nighttime drops are GOOD for them - it increases their life expectancy by slowing their metabolism down.
I've heard different things...
is this correct:
70-80 for non basking
90-100 for basking
65 for night time

I have a baby
that's fine - though adults are significantly tougher to over heat, or freeze. Outdoors, I've seen my old male (a little guy) bask in full sunshine when the temps were 102 outside - not tolerate - BASK.

Keep things moderate for babies!
I have a UV fluoresant strip light it keeps on shutting off automaticly do you think its the light or the things that it screws into?:confused:
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