Temp/Light/Water question


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Hi All,

What I propose for setup. Please advise whether ok

Reptisun 5.0 UV on for 12 hrs per day on timer to switch on and off.

Basking spot 32C with branches at different levels below to create gradient down to 21C. (will use 2 digital thermometers to ensure this)
For night time drop of 10C is it ok to use a dimmer thermostat on the basking light so it will dim the light and reduce the basking temp ?? What should I reduce it to as if I reduce basking temp by 10C will it not make the viv too cool further down? (In UK not very warm at night LOL)

Habba misting system set up to mist every 3hrs for 30secs. should this be left on continuously or can it be switched off at night?(if so will be on timer to switch on and off) Will get live plant too so water will gather on leaves.
Have hygrometer to monitor humidity. Should be at 60-85%? what will be the best for juvenilles? or is it ok as long as it is within this range?

Just want to have the right info for when all setup components arrive

do not use a light at all for heat at night. The cage should be dark for your chameleon to sleep. The temps can get into the low 60's but I would not let it get too far below 60 degrees. If so, then you can use a small ceramic heater to warm up the cage and bring up the temps. I don't know how cold you are talking here at night. i would also let your mister go for more than 30 seconds, more like 2 or three mintues so it really drenches the cage. Shut your mister off at night. Have it go back on the in the morning when the lights go back on.
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