Temp for a Carpet?!?!


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I am reading temps all over the place. It's crazy! I've read they do well in 65 all the way up to 80. My house in generally hot and without having the basking lights on, the inside temp is reading 77... at night!

I guess I should just leave the basking light a foot above so it doesn't overheat? Does that sound right? I always figured they like it hot and I never imagined a Chameleon's reptilium getting below 70. Sounds kinda crazy huh
I don't know anything specific about carpets, but the numbers you're reading is probably referring to the range you want to see. You want to have a thermal gradient in your cage, meaning it will be hottest in the closest basking spot, a couple degrees cooler in the next spot, etc, down to the bottom/other side of cage being the coldest, like room temperature say. The lowest, 65 or whatever is likely the temperature drop at night, they need to see a temperature drop at night when they're sleeping. So say ex. in cage there's a range from one area 75 to basking 85, and at night it's 65 and dark.
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