Tara - clear your message box...


It's been a long day. Took my little one to the docotr so I was gone all day. She has an ear infection in both ears and the flu.....gonna clear some out right now.
hope you know I was just ...

giving you a hard time ;)

Sorry your little one had to tog to the doc - is she OK now? Ugh! I used to get ear infections as a little girl all the time! That pain is right upthere with migraine:eek:

I'll email you again...
yes, I sure do know you were teasing!!

Yup, I knew you were joking. Glad you let me know. There was so much info in those messages I just needed to save them somewhere first.
Sidney is sleeping soundly now. Ear infections are new to me. Sid didn't get one until she was 5, but Trevin had them right away. I had to give her 3 different types of medicine. Oh the drama. She totally freaks out. Trevin just woke up. He is 15 months. Hey, I'm gonna post something in the food forum. Check it out. You will laugh!!!! Tara
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