Tantrum gone wrong

Today my 4.5 month old cham flipped out while in his enclosure. My fiance and I were decorating our xmas tree, when all of a sudden we see our cham running a muck in his enclosure. The cham's enclosure is a full rooms length away so i know we were not doing anything to disturb it. It appeared he was trying to get out of the enclosure in a hurry for some unknown reason. When I approached and opened the enclosure he got even more desperate to get out and he eventually fell to the lower level of his tree. After struggling a bit more he fell again to the base of the enclosure.

After the great fall, I took him out and examined him thoroughly and he appears to be in excellent condition. I think only his pride was hurt. Are there any suggestions why this might have happened. I do have a few fruit flies running a muck throughout the apartment and a few in the enclosure. That is the only thing I can think of. :(
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