takin female to vet today!


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hey everyone just wanted to let yea know i think my female has a respitory infection because she keeps on taking huge breathes and sounds like she is gurgling so i called the chameleon specialist in my area and made an appiontment for 4:15 today so i hope everything goes well, they said $75 for check up and $25 to $30 for antiboitics but shes a real healthy mama so she should pull through nps but ill keep yea posyed how things go talk to all later
I wish you luck with her.

Also, start thinking about how she may have got the URI ….

Any drafts near the cage?
Is the cage near a window?
What is the ambient and basking temps?
Is the cage drying out completely between mistings?
At what time do you mist last? Should have a solid hour to dry out b/f lights out
What are the night time temps?

hey rooo i couldnt get her in on tueday so im takin her today cause the lady is in and i have her near my door but shes been there for a yr and 8 months her temps are in the 80s during the day and low 70s at night so i dont think its her enclosure i think it was my cousins chameleon that i bred her with a month and a few days ago, i guess its my fault i took her over to his house and his male bred her and it looks like they take care of him really good hes nice and healthy but im sure they can pass things that dont bother one but will bother the other but roo thats my only guess on how she got sick its the only way she coulda got sick
well i took her to the vet on thursday and the chameleon specailist opend her mouth by grabing the back of her casque and when she opend her mouth you could hear that cracking noise and a almost weezing sound but she said its in the first stages so she has a great chance of survival because she is very healthy weighed 155 grams and thats after her laying eggs , but she told me to bring fecal samples so she can check that out and she gave her a needle of anitbiotic of .2 on top of the front arm cause she said there is no major blood vanes there and im suposed to give it to her every 3 days so tommorow shes geting another one in her left arm because im supose to switch it up so it doesnt bruse her skin but i will tell you since thursday with that one shot shes been alot better i cant wait till tomorow to give her the second one i just hope she pulls through for me
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