Taki Has Been Spayed


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Hiya my cat Taki has been spayed this morning the vet said she could come home so we picked her up she doing ok but she jumped up on to wardrobe whilst i was waiting for company and didnt want her to get outside well when she jumped down i notcied that one of her incisions looks a little red and iam sure it didnt before.She also had to hav a lump removed from under her arm which thakfully was just a fatty lump.She also keeps lickin her stitches which ive been telling her off for.Taki goes for a check up in the morning so ill mention the licking and that it looks a little red they said that they will put on of them cone collars on her which i thought that they would have put one on anyway.She has eaten quite a bit of turkey and shes drank a canny bit too.
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