T8 plant/aqua bulb safe?


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This might be a dumb question but I cant risk it. I use a Dual 24in T8 light ficture, one bulb is a 5.0 uvb/uva tube and I had a hard time finding a plant one for the other side that was 24in, lots of 18in ones. My question is about the Fresh & Salt water Aquarium plant bulb I just got today, its says that its for fresh and salt water plants and fish, is this safe for my Panther Chameleon? I want my plants to thrive and it was a little dark in there. The bulb glows purple and looks good. Here is the bulb on some site.

I think no one is really sure how to answer this as many are not familiar with fish bulbs. In dual fixtures I use one regular flourescent tube, and one UVB tube. You can also use plant grow-lights.
The color temp is 9325k that seems high to me. The grow lights I have on my plants is a 6500k I got from home depot ( 2 for ten bucks Woot Woot :D ). it works fine and the 6500k is proven. My theory is the fish light is higher because it has to penetrate the water. If your using for an out of the water purpose it might mot work like designed. That last part is just theory though. Hope this helps.
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