T. Dermensis horn deformity

the deremensis you have is he healty , does he have rachitis ? problems with his joints or limbs ? its not uncommen that some horns are not perfectly straith butt this is indeed very hooked
I am glad you have him. His horns will never be straight but he will still be able to live a long healthy, happy life with you.:)
My deremensis has a curled front horn. He is CB and was shipped when his horns were small. I think he damaged it during shipping. It wasn't apparent for a while, but as he grew it grew in crooked. His brothers are all ok. He's fine, just not perfect. If it continues to grow closer to his skull, I'll have to have it trimmed, but so far so good. I'll add a picture later.
I would assume both are WC specimens as I can't think of many people working with and/or successfully breeding the deremensis in Canada. The importation process isn't gentle on the animals and he probably got his fragile horns broken and bent from being packed in small bags for his trip over here. The whole process is stressful and unhealthy for the specimens and would explain the state of the female that you saw. He, on the other hand, doesn't look too bad - did you get him?

This post might be of some interest to you: https://www.chameleonforums.com/project-straight-horn-19802/
Unfortenatly no, I havent got him yet, I am still very tempted to tho. The pet store he is at is keeping him with the female in a rediculously small exoterra enlcosure and just poor conditions all around. 500 bucks is a little high priced for this species from my understanding, even for a good looking pair, so its hard to say wethor or not ill get them. I want to! But if I do, I think I will have to attempt to breed them.
Well, I stoped into the pet store to take a look at these deremensis, to see how they were doing, and I was infomed that the female had died. The male is still there, they are asking 299 for him. I am quite shocked at the poor treatment leading to this. But regardless, I am still considering it, but i think i will probably look around first.
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