Synchronicity or Warewolf genes?


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Never thought I'd actually post this question but I just gotta know:
Ever notice any influence of the full moon on your reptiles? I have three panthers, three leopard geckos, and one fat-tailed, and ALL start their sheds within the three days of the full moon (the chams every other month, geckos every month). This synchronization has been consistent for nearly a year. Anyone else?
You know.. I never noticed before, but it is a full moon (or almost at least) tonight and 6 of my chams had started shedding when i got home from work. Strange ;)
oh ya you can say thats wierd my buddies veild i bred and raised to the ripe ol age of 2 months lol is now 6 months old and he started to shed to and so has my female veild so i think thats quite the neat thing, thanks alot for sharing that with us
There was a similar post on a sugar glider forum recently...

apparently many people's gliders behave differently and bark more during a full moon

It would be interesting to keep track of this sort of thing,

It's weird because a lot of hospitals report the ER being busier during full moons,
and my mom, who used to work at a psycho ward says that people there acted a lot crazier during a full moon.
I have had over 200 chameleons at once and there does not seem to be any correlation to this theory as I have never had all my chameleons shedding at the same time according to the moon's cycles :). It would be pretty awesome to see 200 chameleons shedding all at once though! However, it would be interesting to see if behaviors may be associated with the moon cycles.... Who knows?
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