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Hey guys, i have a chameleon with a wierd type of swelling. The outside of the swollen parts are clear and u can see almost right through them. The texture is almost exactly like a shed. It is really wierd and i have never seen anything like this before. It kind of looks like a blister with puss but im not sure. I think this may be a result of him fallening into some hot water. I put him on a plant near the shower for preparations for his shower. I turned the water on hot so it can heat up. I went to wash my hands and came back and saw he had gone in the shower under the hot water. He was in their for about 4 or 5 sec. This was maybe 2 weeks ago. This "blister" covers maybe 1.5 inches of the back part of his tail and very small parts on his toes. I am kinda worried and i am planning on having a vet look at it. He is a panther chameleon and is about a year and 4 months old. Thank you for your help guys, here are some pics that are in bad quality.
I think you need to assume it's a burn and treat it accordingly. In humans, that would be keep it cold and wet, but I'm very reluctant to tell you to keep a chameleon cold. I do think you need to keep the area moist. Whatever you do, do not use anything HOT on the animal. You should also look into antibiotic preparations you can put on the area.

Once you get this situation stabilized, you need to adjust your water heater so it will not produce water that can scald. Accidents like this happen far too easily.
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