Surprised again!

Miss Lily

Chameleon Enthusiast
Well this morning Tommy pooped and asked to be let out straight after!:rolleyes: I saw only poop, no urates at all. By now, with his problems and history of poor hydration by his previous owner, I was fearing the worst, that maybe he had kidney problems seeing as his urates are usually pretty much all orange/yellow despite him drinking at each misting and using his dripper. BUT!! To my surprise, sitting there behind the branch just out of view was a beautifully sparkly white urate! :eek: I told him what a clever boy he is , cleaned up and returned him to his viv. It's the simplest of things that make us cham owners so very happy! I am so easily pleased with a nice white urate and a dollop of poop, lol!:eek::D
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