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So I recieved 1.2 temporalis and 0.2 brevs from FLchams a little over a month ago and they were all doing well. The temporalis were/are being housed together in a 10g quarintine tank, the is set up with lot of sticks and leaf litter with shallow soil. They have been doing quite well eating and drinking regularily and getting along great, with none being overly plump, though they are filling out nicely. I went in about 5 minutes ago to do the routine feeding and spray, when low an behold a female is standing over a shallow pit with two perfect, white, lima-bean shaped eggs inside. I snapped a quick picture that I will post shortly. This was a nice suprise since I didn't suspect any of them to be pregnant and have never witnessed any of my animals laying before.

I do have a few question though, what care do I need to provide the female to make sure she does not become weak? Should she be kept seperately and if so for how long? does she need any extra food, calcium, tempature? What of the eggs, how should I incubate them? How long until they hatch? I am still very new to chams and would love any advice.

Thanks in Advance
Hi Danny,
Nice job atleast you know you made her feel safe and right at home. As for the other info needed you should definatly give Mike @ FlChams a call. He can definatly tell you what you need to know and im sure he would like to hear from you. All i can say is i dealt with Mike and he's got the healthiest chams around.
I never had temporalis, but brev eggs can be incubated in a plastic food container with moist perlite or vermiculite, a pinhole in the lid, at room temp for approximately 70 days. I would make sure she gets some well-dusted crickets for a couple of weeks or so...
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