Supplements schedule for baby Nosy Be


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Hi guys, I have a baby male Nosy be male about 2-3 months old. I was just wondering if you guys can give me a good supplement schedule for him. Right now I was thinking of doing Calcium without D3 Monday-Friday then Calcium with D3 saturday and Multi Vits sunday. The supplements I use ar Rep-Cal calcium with d3, Rep-Cal Herptivite Multivitamins and Repti Calcium w/o D3.


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Sounds like too much to me. I supplement every other feeding with calcium. D3 and multivit twice a month.

Hugh Wahl

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Yeah sounds like a lot to me as well. I use calcium without D3 every other feeding and every Monday I rotate multivitamin and calcium with D3 (each 2x's a month). I over supplemented a baby before and bad things can happen. Hope this helps ::)
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