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Hi everyone I have a 5 month old male panther and was thinking about ordering a bulk of them to add some variety to his diet, the smallest number that it would make sense to me is 250 and I was wondering what their growth rate is and whether or not I could slow it down so that the feeders dont outgrow my cham, I can order the 1/2 to 3/4 size or i can order 1 inch.

Another question I have is I can order hornworm eggs and was wondering if they are easy to hatch or not

Thank you everyone who chimes in!!!!!!
Supers will die if you refridgerate them, unlike mealworms, but no need to, they grow
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so from what your saying if i order 250 and mix them in with feeder crix at the smaller size then they shouldnt outgrow my cham
Well it does depend on how big you buy them to start with, and how much food you provide the worms, and how warm you keep the worms, but start with the smallest size avail and maybe a smaller order and you should be ok.
How many and how often you feed them must be considered too. Do you have other lizards aswell?
This is my first lizard in several years, I took some time off and am just getting back into it. The shops around here dont carry much of a selection when it comes to feeders so it looks like my best option is to order in bulk online, but im trying to do some research on what holds up well so I dont have alot going to waste.
They can take a while to grow if not kept warm. They might not even grow fast enough for your chameleon. I would get medium ones for now and you should be good. Unless your 5 month old is reallly small, he shouldn't have a problem with 1-1 1/2' worms
Thanks pssh, I decided to get 250 of the 1 inch supers and if they are growing too fast I will just put them in some dark corner in the basement, Im guessing if at that age they can eat supers then hornworms shouldnt be a problem either, I did find out that if they are growing too fast they can at least be put in the refridgerator, its too bad they are not social animals because with bulk feeder orders it would make sense to feed more
Im trying to resist the package deal at Scremleons, Im trying to give it a couple months though....Its so hard
Super worms max out between 1 and 1.5 inches. They usually don't morph into beetles as long as they come in contact with other supper worms. They will slowly die off but it takes forever, I think last time I had Super Worms they lived for like 6 months.I kept them in a grain bedding with an egg crate on top then provided lettuce and collard greens and potato halves for water and nutrition.

If you want to breed your own

To get them to morph into beetles you just need to split them up with little food and they will turn in a few days (beetles can live a few months each female laying about 100 eggs). It takes 1 to 2 months for eggs to hatch (temperature dependent) and another 2 to3 months to grow to full size again.

If you need more details check here Breeding Superworms.
1.5"? What kind of worms are you buying? Mine get 2" or more... Maybe you're thinking of something else?
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