super worms dead overnight


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iv had keeping superworms for my chams for a cpl months now, and iv been doing really good with them, but lastnight out of nowhere i found atleast 50 of them dead over night ...anyone ever have this happen to them? or know what would cause it?
Need more info.

High heat will kill them. They also drown in like 2mm's of water. Were the worms whole, or did they look nibbled on? Geographically, I have to ask if you kept them where they might be exposed to cold temps?
most of them were whole only a couple were nibbled on. i use flukers calcium water gel for drink, along with apples and melon. they stay inside and its stays about 70 almost constantly, except at nights i turn the heat way down but have them on top of a tank for the roaches which has a heat pad under it they dont get col or direct heat from it. i gutload with fresh fruits & veges.... and for what they live in i use a mixture of cricket crack and oats.
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