super rare blue ball python morph

Discussion in 'Other Reptiles And Pets' started by jrh3, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. jrh3

    jrh3 Established Member

    these are so rare they dont exist,;););)

  2. Olimpia

    Olimpia Biologist & Ecologist

    Lol Yea, I was going to say the ball python morphs have come a long way in the last year or so since I stopped paying much attention to them! It would be pretty cool though...
  3. james L

    james L Established Member

    Ha! Dude I have like 4 of those.
  4. jrh3

    jrh3 Established Member

    yeah too many balls out there and they are Way over priced, 8,000 bucks for a morph is crazy. in 4 years the price will be 1,000.
  5. PrettyInInk87

    PrettyInInk87 New Member

    Lol! Oh my god that made me laugh. :D I was like "Woah! Really?" I was already thinking "A really dark black that looks blue?" then I saw this and "lol"ed.
  6. ruru

    ruru New Member

    bahahaha that would be amazing tho!!
  7. kirsty

    kirsty New Member

    gosh i've seen a ball morph in uk for £24,000 i was like oh my god would anyone every pay that much!!!!!
  8. Cody1771

    Cody1771 New Member

    ball python's are a sweet spot for me, one of my all time fav's next to the piebald is the coral glow.


    fyi that is a $22000 snake which i agree is outrageous but the corals have hovered around that price for the last 10 years.... who has that kind of money for a ball python?
  9. jdog1027

    jdog1027 New Member

    Who are paying these prices for Ball pythons or any snake for that matter? Ball pythons have become for this decade what the cornsnakes were for the early 90s as far as new morphs.
  10. melric

    melric Established Member

    I saw a rainbow coral glow at the SD show. I have to admit it was amazing. And amazingly high priced as well.

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