super bedding mold

Lil nasty

how do u keep superworm bedding mold free? when u have vegtables and stuff in there? do u just take it out everyday?
Exactly! As soon as my starts to look yucky I change it out. I have a reptile store that sells it in bulk so I buy bags of it. I don't really think there is anyway to prevent it from getting soggy with all the vegetables and fruits in there. If there is, I hope someone will tell me how!!!
Set the vegetables and wet foods on a lid.

My container is too small for that! I have always wondered too where their poop goes? Like the crickets, horns, silks, you see the poop. I never see any poop in the bedding? I know this sounds gross but do they eat it or something!?
The poop looks like dust. If you never ever changed the bedding (and it never got moldy) it would eventually become a dusty substrate which is the poop.

A small bottle cap would suffice. Throw the leafy greens in like normal (as well as drier veggies like carrots) and put wet fruits and veggies in the cap. They find it.
i put the vegetables on a little piece of tinfoil, so iis not int contact with the bedding, and the beddig wont get mold. The veggies are do getting mold so you have to change them on every other day. I also try to figure out what is the ammount my roaches/supers eating, so i try bot to put too much in there to prevent mold.
just use less fruit and veg
there shouldnt be so much that they dont eat it all up quite quickly, or so much that it makes the substrate wet
I was going to say the same thing as sandra. If your bedding is getting moldy you are feeding more veggies than they are eating...

The amount I use is usually gone in a day or two.
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