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well i put my cham in the shower to mist him. i put him on the plant, cover the drain with a small towell, fill up my spray botel with really hot water, and spray him till its empty. he doesnt mind it much anymore. his body turns green but is head and linbs turn brown. :confused:

i just finished misting him, and when i was bringing him back to his cage, he sunk in half his eye, so part of it bulged out, then he did it again and stoped. when i put him in teh cage he turned green and started acting up. he was very energetic. but i am worried about his eye. he hasnt been rubbing it. but still....

He was probably just cleaning his eye. All of that water gives him a chance to rinse it out.

Whatever temperature water you are using for misting, make sure that by the time it gets to his skin that it is not much different than lukewarm in temperature.
As Dave said this is how they clean/flush their eyes by popping and rolling them. I remember the first time mine did it, I thought his eyes were gonna pop right out of their sockets.
There is actually a bone around the eye opening. When they push their eye back it scraps the water off of the eye, they push with their eye beneath the bone to expel the water from the lid, the mismatch of the eye and this bone is what gives it such height. It is normal. It would be interesting to know whether the evolution of this bone came from the break-up of the brow or if it developed for eye protection? Probably never know.
ok thanks, i thought there was somting wrong with him cause i never saw him do this before.
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