Sunday Jan 16th Herd Pics...


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Mellers...Minor hates the camera with a passion, actually so does Major but she was in the back of her cage...

Mr. Mangles...this guy impresses me more every day. The camera is not even washing him out, these are really his colors. Very unique for a Veiled.

Mr. Fisher...not a fan of the camera either...

People ask me about Hershey every once in awhile. Deformed little creature that he is he is fully functional-he can only shoot short distances so he will chase down his food and "stick" it with his tongue. Alien-esque his eyes appear bigger than his eye sockets don't they?

Bluie is one of my first Panther females, if not the first. Over 3 years old and a known pure Nosy Be, I intended to breed her. At about 6 months she started looking gouty/edemic. In fact, about 3 months ago she stopped eating for about 3 months. I always figured I would find her gone at the bottom of the cage. Strangely enough she came around and started begging for food and eating. She lives in a modified cage and is a typical alert chameleon.



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The blue spots on Mr. Mangles are nice. His coloration is wonderful. It is always the special chams that grab us isn't it? I am never sure if it is they need more attention or if I just give them more attention. Wonderful group. I love looking at fischer's.
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